We’re barking about… Royal Cats & Dogs

Us Brits love our dogs. Even the Queen can’t be without a four-legged friend, having ruled for many years with her beloved corgis by her side. At Christmas, Meghan Markle – the American actress and soon-to-be wife of Prince Harry – allegedly won her Majesty over with a singing hamster toy, which was a big hit with hounds. But if … More We’re barking about… Royal Cats & Dogs

We’re barking about… Nolattie candles

Just like humans, pets can experience fears and phobias. There are a whole host of triggers from thunder and lightning to loneliness, and every dog is different. While one might be fine with fireworks, for example, another might be terrified – just like Ernie. If you’re parent to an anxious pup, check out Nolattie. Its hand-crafted artisan candles are simply gorgeous but one in particular … More We’re barking about… Nolattie candles