We’re barking about… Dogrobes

Ernie in his Dogrobes drying coat

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a damp, muddy dog will know it’s not much fun. But thanks to Dogrobes, Ernie and I are no longer afraid of going out in wet weather.

I bought one of these super-absorbent dog drying coats after reading the reviews online and I must say, it’s been a godsend. Whenever we’ve been out in the rain or Ernie has had a bath, I pop his Dogrobe on afterwards and he’s dry in no time. The house stays clean as well, which is an added bonus.

It’s easy to put on – there are no fiddly leg holes so you just slip the material over your dog’s head, draw the loops up on either side of their body and tie them loosely on top. Please note Ernie’s Dogrobe is not properly done up in the above picture. He just looked so cute, I had to pause for a picture!

Ernie upside-down on the sofa asking for tummy rubs while wearing his Dogrobes drying coat

Dogrobes aren’t just good for drying your four-legged friends, though. They can also be used to help calm anxious pups and, when dampened down, cool them during the summer months.

As you can see from the picture above, Ernie loves his so it’s never a struggle to get it on. He looks so smart in the red version, we call it his smoking jacket!

Dogrobes come in a range of colours – even tartan – and can be personalised. Prices start from £18.95 and depend on the size of your dog. There’s a handy measuring guide online. For more information, see dogrobes.co.uk.

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