LongpawsWater is the elixir of life and although humans know all about the importance of hydration, it’s even more vital for dogs. Our four-legged friends cannot sweat so tend to dehydrate much quicker than we do.

It doesn’t take much for your dog to work up a thirst, especially if the weather is warm or you’re out walking. That’s why a constant supply of fresh, cool water is key to a happy, healthy pup.

BottleSo far, Ernie and I have worked our way through several different types of water bottle, from traditional plastic ones with sports caps to pop-out bottles that pour into a portable trough. Some spill everywhere while others are prone to leaks – but we can’t fault the stainless steel bottles from Long Paws.

The funky bottles have a patented “lick ‘n’ flow” system with a small silver ball at the top of a nozzle. When the bottle is turned upside-down, water is gradually released as your dog licks. This means spillage is kept to a minimum and you can unscrew the cap to make a mini bowl, if need be. The stainless steel body also keeps water cool, whatever the temperature outside.

The leak-proof bottle comes in three sizes – 250ml, 500ml and 750ml – and several different designs. It also has a handy clip that you can fix to your bag or belt when you’re out and about. Ernie is the proud owner of the blue Friend bottle, which has a cute paw, bone and bowl pattern. Prices start from £13.50.

It’s well worth checking out the other Long Paws products, too. The company designs high-performance everyday gear for dogs, such as collars, harnesses, tick removers and more. To find out more, click here.

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