Uh-oh, it’s almost that time of year again: fireworks season. When I was a kid, you only really had fireworks on November 5 to mark Bonfire Night – and that was if you paid to go and see an organised display. But these days, anyone can buy them to use at home so the bangs and crashes seem to go on for months.

Lots of fun for humans, sure – but not so fun for animals.

Ernie is quite a confident little chap and few things phase him, but fireworks turn him into a completely different dog. He won’t go for walks, he won’t eat his food and he spends most evenings cowering in a dark corner, shaking uncontrollably. It’s awful.

Southend is a highly populated area and in October and November, we hear fireworks most nights. Seeing Ernie get in such a state never gets easier so we went looking for ways to try and help him – and that’s how we discovered the ThunderShirt.

This calming coat applies a gentle, constant pressure that pets find soothing – it’s essentially the same principle as swaddling a baby. Despite being an American product, ThunderShirts are sold worldwide and have helped millions of dogs – and cats – deal with anxiety and fear.

Like many people, I was sceptical about how much the coat could actually help and at Β£35, it seemed like an expensive gamble to take – but my goodness, it’s been worth every penny.

I don’t think Ernie will ever be his usual self when there are fireworks going off all over the place, but the ThunderShirt certainly calms him down to the extent that he will eat and sleep, as the below picture proves!

Ern thunder

ThunderShirts come with a money-back guarantee – and if you buy from a major retailer such as Pets at Home, you can often save at least Β£5 with one of the coupons regularly printed in My VIP magazine. They come in a range of colours and sizes, too.

It’s well worth trying essential oils and the fireworks CDs you can get – but we wouldn’t be without our ThunderShirt now. For more information about how this wonder-product works, click here.

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