We’re barking about… Doggyhuts

Ernie in his Doggyhut

We’ve all done it: been out for a nice, long walk that ended up being a little too long. You know what it’s like. Your legs start to ache, you’re low on water and you’re seriously flagging but still have miles to go.

Dogs can experience exactly the same thing. But if you’re planning a big day out or want to go further than your pet’s little legs can manage, a Doggyhut is the perfect solution.

These cool waterproof carriers attach to the back of a bike, helping you cover more ground with your four-legged friend. As you cycle along, your dog can trot alongside you and when they start to tire, pop them in the trailer for a snooze. Ernie loves his!

The Doggyhuts, which are made in Germany, come in a range of colours and sizes. They all have adjustable safety leashes to keep pets secure, as well as 16″ tyres and an anti-slip floorboard. Zippered mesh “windows” also let dogs see where they’re going at all times. The trailers also fold flat for easy transportation.


If cycling isn’t really your thing, easy-to-add “jogger kits” turn the Doggyhut into a stroller. Reflectors and a little red flag also ensure you and your pooch will stay safe. Whatever the weather, Ernie always travels with an extra blanket or two to keep him cosy!

In the UK, Amazon is one of the best Doggyhut stockists. It sells a wide range of trailers in different sizes and styles. A dog of Ernie’s size will fit comfortably in a Medium. Although prices are constantly changing, expect to pay around £120 per trailer. For more information or to buy, click here.

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