We’re barking about… Nolattie candles

Nolattie Dogs' Sanctuary candle burning

Just like humans, pets can experience fears and phobias. There are a whole host of triggers from thunder and lightning to loneliness, and every dog is different. While one might be fine with fireworks, for example, another might be terrified – just like Ernie.

If you’re parent to an anxious pup, check out Nolattie. Its hand-crafted artisan candles are gorgeous. But one in particular – Dogs’ Sanctuary – has been created with nervous pets in mind.

‘Neutralise odours’

There are seven different scents in the range, from Baby Soft to Open Fire. But Dogs’ Sanctuary is made with essential oils specifically chosen to ease anxiety. With top notes of citrus, it also helps to neutralise nasty odours.

Each candle is hand-poured by Nolattie founder Joanne Phillips in her Bedfordshire studio. It also comes in a brightly-coloured box with a cute pawprint design. With an average burn time of up to 50 hours, the candles provide pets with long-lasting relief. They also come with a handy card telling you how to make the most of them.

Nolattie Dogs' Sanctuary candle

We tested the Dogs’ Sanctuary candle during the festive season when there are almost constant fireworks – especially on New Year’s Eve. Like many other dogs, Ernie reacts to the noise by shaking or barking. It’s horrible to see, and it’s a constant battle to try and keep him calm.

Usually, he takes himself off to a quiet, dark corner but with the candle burning, he was happy to stay in the lounge. Sure, the noise was still bothering him but this was massive progress.

As an added bonus for us, the candle smelled divine. It somehow scents the house even when it’s not burning so I thoroughly recommend it!

Buy the Dogs’ Sanctuary candle for £21.50 (including P&P) from the Nolattie website.

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  1. Wow, these seem amazing! I have a very anxious pup, Pinella, who could have really benefited from one of these on New Year’s Eve. I tried searching through their website, but are you aware if they ship to the United States?

    1. I’m not 100% certain but I’m sure Joanne would be able to organise something for you… Her contact details are on the Nolattie website – drop her a line!

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