We’re barking about… Hoobynoo

Colourful Hoobynoo pet tags

Pet products don’t have to be boring – and they never will be again if you shop at Hoobynoo. The cool Kent brand encourages pet owners to “live the colourful life” and this is reflected in all of its products.

Hoobynoo started out as a jewellery brand in 2012. It aims to make your pet stand out by injecting a bit of fun into its creations – especially pet tags. Sure, you can still get a bone-shaped ID tag but why stick to plain silver or gold when you can have zebra print in the background? You can also buy tags in the shape of stars and Shamrocks.

The lightweight aluminium tags come in three different sizes and it’s free to personalise them. There are also more than 70 cute dog illustrations to choose from. You can add as much or as little information to the tag as you like. In the UK, however, it is a legal requirement for pet tags to include the owner’s surname and address (specifically the door number and postcode).

Ernie models his Hoobynoo collar tag

Despite being spoilt for choice, I kept it simple for Ernie’s tag. I opted for a small one in his staple colour – red – with Hoobynoo’s signature polka dot background. For safety reasons, I decided to leave his name off.

Just a few days after placing my order, the well-presented tag arrived in the post. I was thrilled with the result. It was bright, eye-catching and made Ernie the talk of the park!

Personalised pet tags cost £10 but Hoobynoo creates much more than just those. Online, you can search by breed and browse everything from mousemats to mugs. A Christmas shop is open all year round, and it’s not just for dogs. Cats and horses are catered for, too.

For more information about Hoobynoo or to see the full range of products available, click here.

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