DOG-FRIENDLY BUYS: Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats

33727719_1018357354997115_8306903638832316416_nThere are thousands of animals in shelters around the world, all waiting to find their forever homes – but until they do, the good folk at Beautiful Joe’s are on hand to make their days a little brighter. Every time you buy a packet of their natural liver treats, they give a pack away to dogs in need.

The company, which is named after a real dog from the Victorian era, has been a “force for canine good” since 2014, but a Twitter friend only recently brought it to my attention so I wanted to help spread the word about what they do.

IMG_20190528_113010At the time of writing, almost 70,000 packets of Beautiful Joe’s treats have been donated to 195 rescue homes across the UK – and if your local animal shelter isn’t on their list, you can nominate it to make sure their dogs never miss out again.

Each 50g bag of treats costs £4, but you can make big savings with a monthly subscription. These start from £16 and will see you receive six packs of treats for the price of four. Subscribers also get a cute pocket-sized yellow tin – which normally sells for £2.50 – so they can take their treats on walkies.

BJ's pic from website #2As well as giving treats away, the company – which is run by the team behind raw food producer, Honey’s – donate 1% of their sales to Compassion in World Farming. It’s a fitting tribute to the original Beautiful Joe, who was rescued from a brutal Canadian farmer in the 1890s and went on to inspire Margaret Saunders’ best-selling book about animal rights.

To order some treats and help dogs in need, visit the Beautiful Joe’s website.

Beautiful Joe's Display


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