We’re barking about… Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats

Dog with a packet of Beautiful Joe's treats

There are thousands of animals in shelters, all waiting to find their forever homes – but until they do, the good folk at Beautiful Joe’s are on hand to make their days a little brighter. Every time you buy a packet of their natural liver treats, they give a pack away to dogs in need.

The company – named after a real dog from the Victorian era – has been a “force for canine good” since 2014. However, a Twitter friend only recently brought it to my attention so I wanted to help spread the word about what they do.

Ernie with his tin of Beautiful Joe's treats

At the time of writing, almost 70,000 packets of treats had been donated to 195 rescue homes across the UK. If your local animal shelter isn’t on the list, nominate it to make sure their dogs never miss out again.

Each 50g bag of treats costs £4, but you can make big savings with a monthly subscription. These start from £16 and will see you receive six packs of treats for the price of four. Subscribers also get a cute pocket-sized yellow tin (normally £2.50) so they can take their treats on walkies.

Dog being fed a Beautiful Joe's treat

The company – run by the team behind raw food producer, Honey’s – also donate 1% of their sales to Compassion in World Farming. It’s a fitting tribute to the original Beautiful Joe, who was rescued from a brutal Canadian farmer in the 1890s. He later inspired Margaret Saunders’ best-selling book about animal rights.

To order some treats and help dogs in need, visit the Beautiful Joe’s website.

Beautiful Joe's treats

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