66498311_2635080429877935_1030021071266381824_nAccording to Norse mythology, Thor was the god of thunder – and if your dog suffers from dry, cracked pads, the soothing paw wax from Thor’s Paws will certainly be a gift from the gods.

It is just one of the handmade products in the Thor’s Paws range, which also includes snout balms, organic shampoo bars and calming “pawromatherapy” oils to help relax anxious animals.

47302876_2256655714387077_7199769573682315264_n All products have been created by Sophie Minot, who started the brand in 2017 after her German Shepherd Thor walked through something nasty and ended up with a chemical burn on his paw. Since then, Sophie, from Bedfordshire, has been passionate about making natural pet grooming products that will leave your dog – or cat – smelling divine.

The easy-to-apply organic paw wax (£6) is one of her best-sellers and can be used all year round to protect delicate paws from the elements. The product – which is made from unrefined beeswax, shea butter and organic almond and coconut oil – also helps to moisturise skin and heal wounds and once opened, the dinky 30ml tin can be kept for up to two years.

48226615_2273393922713256_7183610278922158080_n.jpgSophie’s organic shampoo bars (£3.50) are a great idea, too – simply wet your pet, lather up the soap in your hands, work it into the fur, then rinse. The zingy lime shampoo neutralises nasty odours like fox poo, but if you live in an area where there are lots of wee beasties, try the “Bug Off” version, which contains citronella and neem oil – a natural insect repellant.

The chemical-free pawromatherapy products are also great for anxious pups and dogs that are sensitive to noise. They contain relaxing essential oils such as St John’s Wort, lavender and jasmine and can be purchased either as wax melts (£2 for four) or in a handy roller form.

67082983_2656828324369812_8660448518957170688_nThe roller is fantastic, especially if your dog will be home alone during firework season – just run it along your hand and rub the oil into your dog’s fur. Not only will it leave your pooch smelling gorgeous but it has a long-lasting calming effect and, at just £3.50 per roller, it’s a real bargain.

For more information about Thor’s Paws or to see all the products in the range – which are often available in money-saving bundles – click here to check out the website.

The great Thor himself

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