We’re barking about… Karen’s Clay Creations

Ernie and Stan as clay miniatures
Ernie and Stan’s clay miniatures – before they were baked and varnished

Have you ever thought how great it would be if you could just pop your dog in your pocket and take them everywhere you go? You would never have to research pet-friendly venues again, or worry about leaving them behind when you go to work.

If your pooch could accompany you 24/7, life would really be so much easier. But until then, a miniature version of them will have to do, and that’s where Karen Molloy can help.

For the last five years, the former veterinary nurse has been making clay miniatures of beloved family pets. They can be carried in your pocket, displayed on your desk or shown off on the mantelpiece – which is where my figurines of Ernie and Stan will be taking pride of place. The likeness is incredible, and both boys were keen to inspect them when they arrived home!

The miniatures stand approximately 3in high. They can be personalised to include your pet’s name or their favourite things, like a ball, slipper or bone-shaped treat. You can also choose to have your doggos free-standing, or mounted on a wooden plinth.

Because every figurine is unique, you would expect them to cost the earth – but you can get your own diddy dog for as little as £12, plus P&P. Bargain! Regular donations are made to animal charities from the proceeds. And Karen, who lives in Manchester, is happy to post her work worldwide.

To get started, all Karen needs are a few photographs of your dog. Ideally, you should send a clear shot of their face and a couple of full-length pictures showing any unusual markings.

On average, it takes around four weeks to make the miniatures. And before they are baked and varnished, you will be sent a photo to make sure you’re happy with everything.

So whether you’re looking to immortalise your pet pooch or find an unusual gift for a dog lover, check out Karen’s Clay Creations. For more information or to see further examples, visit the Karen’s Clay Creations Facebook page.

One thought on “We’re barking about… Karen’s Clay Creations

  1. We got two sets of statuettes of The Fab Four from Karen’s Clay Creations – one for us and one for a gift.
    The likenesses are uncanny – even the markings on the back are exact!
    We are delighted with them!

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