We’re barking about… Daisy & the Dogs books

Ernie with the Daisy & the Dogs books
Ernie checks out the Daisy & the Dogs books

Getting a dog is a big decision, whatever stage of life you are at. But if you have young children, it’s something you need to consider even more carefully.

That’s why mum-of-two Natalie Thomas has written a series of dog handbooks to help children get to know their four-legged friend – and garner that special relationship between a dog and their young owner.

An example page from the Daisy & the Dogs spaniel book
Kids – and adults – will be able to learn fascinating facts about the breed’s history

The series, called Daisy & the Dogs, shows kids that dogs come in all shapes and sizes. It also aims to teach them how to look after the furry member of their family and grow up to become a responsible dog owner.

Each breed-specific book is full of information about the dog’s personality, the jobs they do best and their history. There are beautiful illustrations by Gemma Day and lots of activities to engage children. Kids can even personalise their book by colouring in pictures and answering questions about their pet pooch.

Activity page from Daisy & the Dogs' book about dachshunds
There are lots of activity pages to keep children amused

Natalie, from Essex, was inspired to write the books after seeing the special bond between Daisy, her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and son Seb. So far, there are five titles in the Daisy & the Dogs series but animal lover Natalie – who is also mum to daughter Bonnie and the proud owner of German Shepherd Buzz – plans to add more.

The first books in the series are about Dachshunds, Labradors, Cockapoos, French Bulldogs and, of course, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Each paperback costs £5.99. For more information or to buy, visit the Daisy & the Dogs website.

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