We’re barking about… BrewBix

Ernie with the BrewBix box

These days, there are so many dog treats on the market – and they all say they’re the best. It’s hard to know if this is the case when they all claim to be low in fat or have the highest meat content. But with BrewBix, you get exactly what it says on the packaging: “Healthy treats upcycled from craft brewery leftovers.”

The all-natural bone-shaped biscuits contain just five ingredients – wholemeal flour, brewers’ spent grain, peanut butter, linseed and brewers’ yeast.

The vegan treats have been created by Tom Whiteley, who helped set up Villages Brewery in South-East London. While rural breweries often give or sell their spent grain to farmers as animal feed, Tom found the process wasn’t quite as straightforward for an urban brewery.

Stan checks out the BrewBix biscuits

Around 1kg of grain makes 10 pints of beer, and breweries across the UK produce around half a million tonnes of spent grain per year. Animal lover Tom was keen to make something positive out of all that nutritious waste, though – and the idea for BrewBix was born.

Not only are the hand-baked treats good for your dog’s skin, coat and digestion, but they’re good for the planet too. They actually remove more carbon from the atmosphere than they create because twice the amount needed to produce each batch is offset.

BrewBix are available in 500g pouches and on a subscription basis, where each 175g box costs £6. The handy letterbox-sized treat boxes can be delivered every two, four or six weeks in fully recyclable packaging. If you want to twin with your dog, you can also buy some beer made from the same grain! For more information or to buy some treats, visit the BrewBix website.

Ernie tries a BrewBix biscuit

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