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Nilaqua waterless pet shampoo
The peppermint shampoo

Some dogs love being groomed, but others definitely don’t. And if the very thought of B-A-T-H-T-I-M-E strikes fear into your heart, I’m guessing that like me, you have a water-averse dog. While Ernie has always loved being pampered, Stan is the opposite. He will tolerate being brushed but he hates the bath. And that’s a bit of a problem as he’s the one who loves rolling in stinky stuff!

Normally, when I tried to clean him, he would leap out of the bath after a minute or two, soaking everything – from the floor to me – in the process. So when I heard about Nilaqua’s waterless pet shampoo, I had to try it.

Admittedly, I was sceptical – because I thought that surely you need water to properly clean your dog – but actually, you don’t. This stuff really works and most importantly, Stan was happy for me to use it. Now, I’d even go as far to say he quite enjoys his little shampoo sessions because he doesn’t make a fuss at all.

Stan relaxes after a spruce-up
A nice, clean Stan relaxes after a spruce-up

The product is really easy to use. You just massage it in to the fur like you would with a conventional shampoo then towel it off, et voila! As no water is required, there’s no mess and you can clean your mucky pup without distressing them. Plus, if your dog is particularly filthy or has thick or long fur, you can wash it in sections.

The vegan-friendly shampoo has been designed to release odours and dirt, such as faeces and mud. It doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind and is also kind to skin, being hypoallergenic and pH balanced. It comes in three different scents – coconut, mulberry and peppermint, which is also a flea, tick and fly repellent.

We bought two bottles – one to keep at home and one in the car, for emergencies – and regularly use the shampoos to freshen up both Ernie and Stan. The only thing I have yet to master is the best way to apply it as it has a water-like consistency… but we’ll get there!

The shampoo is available in 200ml, 500ml or one-litre bottles and prices start from £4.45. Nilaqua also make waterless products for humans. For more information or to buy, visit the Nilaqua website.

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