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Ernie with a bottle of Anxious Hound from Woof & Brew

Many dog owners dread the winter months. Not only do the long, dark nights feel like they go on forever but there are fireworks going off for weeks on end. And if your dog is anything like Ernie, they’ll hate them.

If you’re parent to an anxious pup, you will know how hard it is to try and keep them calm – but help is at hand.

There are a whole host of products to help soothe pets from ThunderShirts to plug-ins and scented candles for dogs. We’ve worked our way through most of them, with varying levels of success. But this year, we discovered Anxious Hound from Woof & Brew.

The full range of Woof & Brew tonics

This herbal tonic contains ingredients like lavender, rose petals and skullcap. It has been proven to help nervous dogs, whether they’re afraid of fireworks, thunder or even going in the car. We’ve been using the 100% natural tonic for almost three months now, to get Ernie through fireworks season. I have to say, it’s made a massive difference. No more shaking, no more panting and no more growling.

Ernie will never be a fan of fireworks but this year, he has been so much calmer when they have been going off. He still takes himself off to his den but instead of pacing up and down and fretting, he’s been fast asleep. It’s been so much less stressful for him – and us, as a result.

The tonic, which is rich in vitamins and minerals, can be added to either food or water. It has quite a strong herbal smell so I did wonder if that might put Ernie off, but he seems to like it! He needs two 5ml spoonfuls of tonic a day, but the dose depends on the size of your dog.

Woof & Brew teas

You can buy bottles of Anxious Hound as a one-off. But if you subscribe, the tonic will be delivered on a regular basis. Woof & Brew have obviously put a lot of thought into this too, as the slim subscribers’ bottle fits easily through the letterbox.

It can take a few weeks for the benefits to kick in so to get a head-start on fireworks season, we started using it at the beginning of October. After New Year, we will probably stop – but I will make sure we have the tonic in our armoury when Bonfire Night rolls around next year.

As well as supplements for anxious dogs, Woof & Brew have tonics to help with wind, bad breath and itchy skin. It also also makes doggy drinks such as Bottom Sniffer beer and Pawsecco, alongside herbal teas with great names. I love the Lapdog Souchong!

For more information about the range of Woof & Brew products, click here to visit its website.

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